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Just an average 45-year-old runner, with a familiar back story.

I joined the Army in 1995, but due to a variety of assignments in different, unusual places for Army people to be stationed. By February 2015 I had ballooned up to borderline-obese and had been running an average of roughly 20 miles a year for the previous 5 years. I could pass the running part of the Army PT test, but barely. 


Everything changed when I my wife and I went to  Mardi Gras in February, 2015. We took this picture on a balcony in the French Quarter in New Orleans, and it wasn’t until we flew back home when it really sank in how much I had let myself go. Staring at this picture, I knew it was time for a change. 

That change started on Tuesday, February 17, 2015. It was the day before Lent and I decided to give up Coca-Cola (more on that addiction in the blog) and from there it was a series of small, incremental changes. In April that same year, I hit the streets of the Santa Fe neighborhood of Mexico City and ran for three miles. The next day, I got out and ran again for another three miles. 11 Months later I participated in the second half-marathon of my life and easily finished 50 minutes faster than my previous effort, six years earlier. That year I ran my first marathon and had such a rough time I swore I’d never do it again. 

Famous last words.

I feel the need to clarify one thing: In case you were wondering, it actually started out as an average amount of hair with, at times, an unwieldy beard.  It’s a name I thought would be easy to remember when I told it to people. 

This blog was a project of mine for a while. With apologies to Haruki Murakami, this is what I think about when I think about running.

My hope is that new runners, old runners, and anyone in between, will find something useful in my experiences, and hopefully, if I do it right, be slightly entertained.

And if you’re read this far, if you don’t mind following me on Instagram, that would be awesome.  

Happy Running.


I get a lot of motivation out of other people’s experiences so I find myself trying to catch audio books on long drive, or long slow runs.

These are my recent books, but  here are all the running(ish) books I’ve gone through or have on the shelf.

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